MIDAS VENICE U24 Mixing Console

Brand : MIDAS
Model : VENICE U24
ราคาปกติ : 83,000.00 บาท


มิกเซอร์ Midas Venice U 24 Audio Mixing Console with 8 x 8-Channel USB Interface

Midas Venice U 24  20 x Mono Mic Inputs with Midas Preamps  Built-In 8×8 USB Audio Interface  Integrate 3rd Party Plug-Ins to Live Mix  4-Band EQ on Each Mic Input  Multi-Function Channels  Individual Channel Phantom Power  6 Aux Sends & 4 Groups  7×2 Matrix


  • Frames: 16, 24, 32 (16 channel frame can be rack mounted in 11U)
  • Overload tolerant MIDAS mic pre with polarity switch, high pass filter and 20 dB pad
  • Individual phantom power for each mic input (including stereo channels)
  • The equaliser section features four bands of MIDAS EQ, with swept filters on all four bands and an EQ in/out switch
  • 8 input / 8 output USB digital audio interface – flexible routing options including six aux busses, four subgroups, both matrix busses and the stereo masters
  • Analogue or USB input select switch on 4 stereo input channels allowing “plug-in” FX and multi-track record mix down
  • 6 auxes with individual buss pre/post fade switching and routing to USB
  • 7×2 matrix with stereo split switching and routing to USB
  • Multi-function channels have fully featured mic pre’s with individual left and right gain control
  • Discrete stereo master buss with individual routing to USB plus discrete mono master buss
  • 4 audio subgroups with fader flip to auxes and routing to USB
  • Highly efficient integral auto-ranging switch mode power supply
  • Rugged, roadworthy, tour proven construction with 3 year warranty


VeniceU 24
Mic inputs: 20 mono XLRF
Line inputs: 16 mono plus 4 stereo TRS
Aux returns: 2 stereo TRS
Playback input: 1 stereo RCA
Talkback mic input: 1 XLRF
Aux mix busses: 6 XLRM
Audio subgroups: 4 XLRM
Matrix: 7 x 2 XLRM
Stereo master output XLRM
Mono master output XLRM
Record output: RCA
USB: 16ch – 8×8 USB “A”
Digital: 24-bit, 44.1 or 48 kHz sampling rates
Dimensions and Weight:H255mm/10.03” x D577mm/22.71” x W760mm/29.92” Weight 20kg/44.1lbs.