IBANEZ IBZ10G Guitar Amp Combo 10watt

Brand : IBANEZ
Model : IBZ 10G
ราคาปกติ : 3,500.00  บาท
เช็คราคาสินค้าทุกรุ่นของ  IBANEZ 



This 10-watt guitar amplifier provides you with a crunchy distortion that you would expect from a much larger stack. The cabinet has an open back design for your low end response while the 3-band EQ keeps your highs intact. Other features include a switchable boost with a headphone output. Whether you are practicing or just jamming with friends, this compact amp will give you great sound quality even at low volumes.

Ibanez recognized that the world didn’t need another amp dedicated to recreating the sounds of yesteryear. Instead they came with amps spec’ed and voiced for today’s tones. Obviously, they did something right, because players and retailers wanted more–and they wanted bigger.


  • 10 Watt guitar amp
  • 6-1/2″ speaker
  • 3-band active EQ
  • Sealed back
  • Switchable boost
  • CD input
  • Headphone output